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Spray Tan North Ridgeville, OH

Custom, comfortable, luxury tans are what we're known for

One-size-fits-all? Never. Orange? We don't know her either.

Every single tan is specifically chosen for you based on your skin tone and desired results. We offer standard or rapid rinse options. If you’ve never done a rapid rinse… heads up, it’s going to change your life. Complimentary disposables, drying powder and the highest level of attention to detail are always included.

The Custom

  • Custom, comfortable, luxury tans are what we're known for. The Custom includes a solution blend specifically chosen for you based on your skin tone and desired results. Your choice of a standard or rapid rinse. Complimentary disposables, drying powder and the highest level of attention to detail are always included.

The Minimalist

  • As beauty lovers who are conscious of what we are putting on our skin and into our bodies, we are proud to carry the cleanest solution on the market. The Minimalist contains only six ingredients and no additives or FD&C colors or dyes. When booking The Minimalist, you can expect the same experience listed under The Custom!

VIP Members Only

  • Members only, book your tans here! All solution options are included and will be discussed at your appointment.

Preparation / Care


For the best tan results, follow these prep tips:

  • Shave and exfoliate. 6 to 24 hours before your appointment, shave all unwanted hair and exfoliate from head to toe with an exfoliating mitt. This step is critical!
  • Wash your hair. We recommend washing your hair when you shave and exfoliate to avoid washing your hair during your first rinse. While this is not required, ingredients in most shampoos and conditioners can interfere with the development of your tan.
  • Do not apply any products. After showering, do not apply any lotions, deodorants or perfumes to your skin as these will create a barrier on your skin and result in an uneven tan.
  • Pack for your appointment. We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothes and breathable shoes. Pack an umbrella if there is any rain in the forecast on the day of your tan.
  • Plan for R&R. Immediately following your appointment, plan to avoid any and all contact with water and sweat. Ideally, we want you to go home and chill on the couch!


Immediately following your appointment, there's a few things to be aware of prior to your first rinse! (Rinse time will be provided at appointment, but can range from 1.5 to 12 hours)

  • Avoid water. No cooking, no dishes, no bath time, no makeup remover, etc. Also, no sweat!
  • Avoid skin to skin contact. Pants and long sleeves are best while your tan is developing! What we especially want to avoid here is your hands touching other parts of your body prior to your first rinse.
  • Follow rinse time. Trust your artist! Whatever rinse time was provided should be strictly followed. If you don't know your rinse time, text us! (440) 549-4645
  • Rinse. Once it's time to rinse, shower in lukewarm water. No soap. You will see the bronzer washing away, that's normal! Your tan will continue to develop for 18 - 24 hours.

To keep your tan looking its best after your first rinse, follow these aftercare tips:

  • Hydrate and moisturize. Drink a lot of water and use lotion at least twice a day. Hydrated skin will allow for longer lasting results and natural, even fading. (Hint: the quality of the lotion and the ingredients it contains do make a difference). Find our favorite lotion here
  • Choose gentle products. Harsh soaps, exfoliants and oil-based products are going to cause the tan to fade quickly. Find our favorite body wash here
  • Avoid shaving/hair removal. If you cannot avoid, use a brand new razor and use conditioner instead of shaving cream.
  • Pat dry. When drying off after showers, pat dry. Do not rub.

Frequently Asked Questions

About North Ridgeville

North Ridgeville is a charming city situated in Lorain County, Ohio, known for its blend of suburban tranquility and convenient access to urban amenities. Nestled in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan area, North Ridgeville offers a family-friendly atmosphere with well-maintained neighborhoods, parks, and recreational facilities. The community takes pride in its excellent schools, making it an appealing choice for families. With a mix of residential and commercial areas, residents enjoy a peaceful lifestyle while still having access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The city's commitment to green spaces is evident in its numerous parks and outdoor facilities, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and community gatherings. North Ridgeville strikes a balance between a serene suburban environment and the advantages of proximity to the vibrant offerings of the surrounding region.

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