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How To Keep a Tan Year Round

Maintaining a year-round glow isn’t as hard as it sounds. Yes, even while living in Cleveland, Ohio or with a busy schedule that keeps you indoors most of the time. Lastly, the best part… this is possible all while avoiding harmful UV rays.

Follow along as we share our favorite tips for maintaining a glow year round.

1. SPF is your Friend

First things first. We cannot emphasize this one enough. No matter the time of year, you should always protect your skin with sunscreen. Sun damage happens throughout the year, whether it’s sunny, cloudy, or rainy. Any amount of sun damage makes sunless tanning very challenging, which is why it should be avoided at all costs.

2. Hydration is Key

Staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being. While drinking water is undoubtedly crucial, there are various ways to ensure you stay adequately hydrated.

Personally, we love to add quality minerals and/or electrolytes our water, which is one of your quickest and easiest options.

Additionally, hydration isn’t just about what you drink. It’s also about what you eat. Certain foods have high water content and can contribute significantly to your overall fluid intake. Some of our favorites include cucumbers, watermelon, leafy greens and berries.

Add more of the above into your daily routine and watch your skin start to glow.

3. Lean into Sunless Tanning

After following steps one and two, you’ll be ready to incorporate sunless tanning in order to maintain a tan year round.

Sunless tanning, also known as self-tanning or fake tanning, is the process of applying products to your skin to achieve a tan without exposure to the sun. The active ingredient in sunless tanning products is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with the amino acids in your skin’s outer layer to produce a temporary tan.

When it comes to sunless tanning, you have two main options:

  1. Book a Professional Spray Tan. Custom, comfortable, luxury spray tans are what we’re known for. If you are new to sunless tanning, it can be intimidating, so leaving it up to a professional is a great way to start. All you need to do is show up (with prepped skin, of course) and we’ll take care of the rest! Our online booking makes it easy for you to book whenever you’re ready.
  2. Self-Tan. We offer various sunless tanning products, including lotions, mousses and sprays. For beginners, we highly recommend our Gradual Tanning Lotion and Tanning Water. Once you are more comfortable with self-tanning, our Rapid Tanning Mousse will be your best friend. All three options provide color that develops safely, gradually and naturally.

As business owners who are conscious of what we are putting on our skin and into our bodies, our luxury self-tanning products are all Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Gluten-Free and Cruelty-Free.

So, say goodbye to pale Cleveland winters and hello to a year-round glow! By taking care of your skin and utilizing sunless tanning methods, you can enjoy a year-round tan without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

Should we host another self-tanning workshop soon?! We’ve hosted one in the past and it was such a hit. Let us know in the comments if this is something you would attend!

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  • Love that y’all speak on the importance of electrolytes and minerals—it’s so important for proper hydration. Lucky to have a wellness-conscious spot so close to home; thank you!


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