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Spray Tan Marketing Buzzwords and What They Really Mean

In the world of beauty, where buzzwords are rampant, it’s easy to get caught up in marketing claims. At Everything Beauty, we pride ourselves not only on offering top-tier products but also on empowering our customers with knowledge. Let’s dive into the world of spray tan marketing buzzwords and uncover the truth.

The Landscape of the Beauty Industry

First, it’s crucial to acknowledge the broader context of the beauty industry. In the United States, regulations governing cosmetics and personal care products are very lax compared to other sectors. This lack of oversight can lead to confusion and misinformation among consumers. At Everything Beauty, we recognize this gap and are committed to setting a higher standard for transparency and quality.

Our Commitment to You

When you step into Everything Beauty, you’re not just entering any spray tan salon. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our product selection. From investing in proper extraction units to ensure optimal air quality to meticulously curating our offerings, every aspect of your experience is thoughtfully crafted to exceed expectations.

Decoding the Buzzwords

  1. Organic: While it’s tempting to associate spray tans with natural ingredients, the truth is more nuanced. The active ingredient in all sunless formulations, DHA, cannot be organic. Although DHA can be derived from natural sources like sugar beets or sugar cane, the extraction and processing methods involve chemical processes. Therefore, claims of organic or natural spray tans can be misleading.
  2. Vegan: In an era where ethical and sustainable practices are gaining traction, many brands are formulating vegan and cruelty-free products. While it’s commendable that almost all spray tan solutions are vegan, it’s essential to look beyond this label and consider other factors.
  3. Clean: The term “clean” is everywhere in the beauty industry, yet its meaning remains unclear. When used without any context, “clean” is a vague term that lacks a standardized definition across the entire beauty industry. As a result, it is often misleading.
  4. Better for You: Better-for-you is one of our favorite ways to describe our offerings in comparison to most options on the sunless market. To meet our personal and brand standards, we offer a solution that contains no additives, FD&C colors or dyes, artificial fragrance, alcohols, erythrulose or chemical preservatives (which are all commonly found in most beauty products).
  5. Paraben and Sulfate Free: As the beauty industry evolves, so do our formulations. The beauty industry as a whole is increasingly removing parabens, sulfates and phthalates from many products. Many spray tan solution formulations are following suit.
  6. Anti-Aging:While nothing prevents the damaging, aging effects of UVA and UVB rays better than avoiding the sun, that is the only thing about spray tans that should be considered “anti-aging.” We advocate for a holistic approach to aging, emphasizing the importance of diet, lifestyle and sun protection.

Conclusion: Knowledge is Power

Choose your glow (and daily products) wisely. If you need help making informed decisions, we’re here for you!

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