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Top Selling Products of 2023 for Healthier Skin and Smile

In the pursuit of healthier, more radiant skin and a bright smile, 2023 has seen a surge in demand for products that prioritize natural, prebiotic-based formulas and sustainable practices. Here’s a rundown of our top-selling products that have garnered rave reviews and loyal customers throughout the year.

1. Aleavia’s Organic Body Washes

Our best-selling prebiotic body wash by Aleavia has taken the lead. The enzymatic body wash isn’t just a cleanser. It’s a skin revitalizer. Its blend of prebiotic nutrients, including Acadian sea kelp, organic coconut oil and aloe vera, does WONDERS. From balancing pH levels to nourishing skin cells, it offers a luxurious experience while being 100% natural, chemical-free and safe for everyone in the family.

2. Aleavia’s Organic Lotions

Following closely are the organic lotions by Aleavia. These lotions embrace the ethos of prebiotic skincare, focusing on restoring the skin’s healthy bacteria. With natural ingredients, antioxidants and skin-softening oils, they promote radiant and healthy skin without any synthetic chemicals or toxins. Ideal for sensitive skin, these lotions offer relief from common skin issues like eczema and rosacea. Pro Tip – the Aleavia Body Wash + Aleavia Lotion combo is unmatched.

3. SunnaSmile’s CocoMint Whitening Toothpaste

For a bright smile minus the harsh chemicals, SunnaSmile’s CocoMint Whitening Toothpaste steals the spotlight. With sensitivity-free, natural ingredients and self-adjusting perlite, it effectively removes stains without damaging tooth structure. Infused with coconut oil, sea salt and mint oils, it not only whitens teeth, but also promotes overall dental health. Such an easy swap in your daily routine for a whiter smile.

4. Tanning Water

Our Tanning Water has become a must-have for effortless tanning (and is Corina’s personal lifeline. I’m honestly surprised this wasn’t our #1 best seller!). Its eco-certified DHA formula, combined with Vitamin C, cucumber extract and aloe vera, ensures a natural-looking tan without cosmetic bronzer. Without cosmetic bronzer, you simply apply to clean skin, go to bed and wake up with a glow. With no bronzer transfer on your sheets and no rinse needed, self-tanning has never been easier.

5. Gradual Tan/Tan Extending Lotion

Completing the top-selling lineup is our Gradual Tan/Tan Extending Lotion. Another incredibly easy-to-use self-tanning product. This lotion is non-tinted, providing the same simplicity as mentioned above with our Tanning Water. Infused with soybean oil, hyaluronic acid and Kakadu plum fruit extract, it moisturizes and extends the life of your tan while being paraben-free and cruelty-free. It can also be used as a gradual tanning lotion. Simply apply a few nights in a row for a buildable glow.

In 2023, we’re seeing consumers are seeking more than just products. They crave a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Our top-selling items not only deliver exceptional results, but also align with our values and prioritize both inner and outer beauty.

Whether it’s nourishing your skin’s microbiome, embracing a more natural approach to dental care or achieving a sun-kissed glow sustainably, these products represent the evolving landscape of self-care. We are loving where the future of beauty is heading and look forward to continuing to bring the best to Cleveland.

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